Why? because we like you, m – o – u – s – e.   I guess you got to be older to appreciate the reference to the mickey mouse club.  I’m over 50 years old and remember black and white reruns of the show,
Anyways, why would you use whatrealestatesold.com?  to expand your customer base even when you are sleeping or on vacation.  to expand your customer base while you are working with someone else.
Where do you seek advice when you are doing something new or you’re not familiar with the process?  friends, of course.  friend who recently purchased or sold a home will be a good candidate for referrals.  keeping your name in their mind is the goal.
Here is how whatrealestatesold.com accomplishes that task.  we will send your client an email with sale information that is pertinent to their most recent purchase.  say your client purchased a home in shenandoah estates.  you can enter their email, either manually or upload your contacts.  select how often they will receive an email; either daily (this mean they will receive an email on the days there are sales in a particular subdivision), weekly, or monthly.
the purpose of the email is to keep your client informed about what real estate has sold.  your home is the one of the most important investments some makes during their life.  keeping you client aware of sales shows you are a professional that cares.  the other purpose of the email is to ask for the referral.
The email will provide all the necessary information to know what is selling in their subdivision.  the email will close with an ask.  asking for the referral when you are working with other clients, sleeping, traveling, or eating lunch.  this will keep your name ever present in your client’s mind.

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